A function of f (x), is that we simply understand that finding X in our job as architects means that we don't focus on a specific type of project.  We have developed our skills in design and construction in different fields such as housing, retail, offices, laboratories, hospitality, military government facilities and art.

f(x) will never know what kind of project is coming up hence the reason why we need to find (x) in each specific case.


Since our early beginning in the field of architecture we have been solving problems for a variety of different situations.  It doesn't matter how small or big the project, we love to be involved in all aspects and learn through the process of design and construction from experts in the field.   Through this process we develop new skills in a industry that we didn't previously have any expertise.  This is all made possible thanks to the team that is created between the client and f(X).

Our architecture is always seeking and studying the relationship between people, technology and nature and how we can have a balance between those parties.

f(X) has been always interested in how society sees the future, how they adapt to it and how we can bring a piece of said future into the space that surrounds us to change the perception of our reality.


Cesar gama soberanis

Finished Architectural School in 2011, ULSA México city.

Since 2006 developing skills in drawing, design and construction through different architectural companies and beginning his solo career since 2014.



Americas Virtual Design Studio - Honorable Mention 2009

Competitions Won.

Mock up room for W Hotels, México city with Grupo Impulsa, Edificaciones Triada and Nemaworkshop. - 2011

Ford Motor Company, México city - 2014

International Property Award for Best Leisure Architecture. - 2018

f(X) - Efe de X Architecture since 2014 mainly in Mexico City.